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JUNE 2024
WEDNESDAY JUNE 12, 2024 3:31 AM CT  Full show tonight at 10. Please call.  Good to talk with many of you and play your requests last night. Topics ranged from the history of KGO-FM, ABC’s ill-fated SuperRadio and NBC’s ill-fated NIS to the horror story of the night—guy coughed and sneezed so much his intestines fell out.  And you didn’t think it could happen!  (It probably can’t, unless like this guy you had recent abdominal surgery, but the headline was frightening as all get out.)  As for what you heard:
James Carr – The Dark End Of The Street – 1967 Goldwax
Jimmy Clanton – Darkest Street In Town – 1962 Ace
Corsairs – Smoky Places – 1961 Tuff
Gino Vannelli – People Gotta Move – 1974 A&M
Brenton Wood – I Think You Got Your Fools Mixed Up – 1967 Double Shot
Robert Parker – Barefootin’ – 1966 Nola
David Rose – Ebb Tide – 1962 MGM
Clyde McPhatter – Lover Please – 1962 Mercury 
Little Willie John – Sleep – 1960 King
Jackie Wilson – It’s So Fine -  1958 Coral
TUESDAY JUNE 11, 2024 3:31 AM CT…  Full show tonight, I’m sure of it.  We’ll start at 10:06 CT.  Last night we were delayed 45 minutes for the Stanley Cup Finals, and that worried me a bit since it was Monday Night Trivia, but you hung in there and called. Lots of guesses but no one got the straggler:
What do hot fudge sundaes, cheeseburgers, chili dogs and cafeterias all have in common?  They all began in Los Angeles. (But that’s just the start of the long list which includes everything from traffic lights to Pentecostal churches [ABC News 7/21/00])
There’ll be a new question next week, but the Bumper Stumpers theme will remain the same, since no one got it and there were so many more examples I could have played.  As for what I did play last night, you guessed KC & The Sunshine Band, the Dixie Cups, Honey Cone, Chuck Berry & Ray Parker Jr.  Not bad—but what do they have in common.  You’ll have 11 more examples next Monday so think about it.  As for all of last night’s bumpers:
Sheb Wooley – Are You Satisfied – 1955 MGM
KC & The Sunshine Band – Sound Your Funky Horn – 1976 Jay Boy  [LP Cut: Best Of]
Dixie Cups – You Should Have Seen The Way He Looked At Me – 1964 Red Bird
Dion – Little Miss Blue – 1960 Laurie 
Dovells – Your Last Chance – 1962 Parkway
Honey Cone – Girls It Ain’t Easy – 1969 Hot Wax
[Watchdog by Dorothy Williams wasn’t a bumper stumper -  1964 Volt]
Chuck Berry – Beautiful Delilah – 1958 Chess
Ray Parker Jr – That Old Song – 1981 Arista
FRIDAY JUNE 7, 2024 3:31 AM CT…  Happy Birthday to Michael O’Shea & Barbara Harvey!
Next live show:  Monday Night Trivia at 10 CT.  (Tonight, it’s a replay of last Monday’s show—if you missed the straggler, you’ll hear what it is.)  Last night, we heard from Laura (the lady who gave us the great trivia questions and is now over one year sober—congratulations Laura!) and Lia (who gave us an update on her health issues—next surgery Wednesday, but it should be smooth sailing after that), Linda (who told us about her uncle’s WW2 service, a horrifying tale of racism, but he triumphed in spite of it), Fran, Ruth, Cindy, Eduardo, Chad and I’m leaving several folks out, so if you missed the show, the replay is streaming now and downloadable for the foreseeable future.  We didn’t hear from James, but I did decid to play his request:  “Play any version of A Room With A View” said James. The problem here is there are three completely different songs with that title, so we played ‘em all:
Paul McCartney – A Room With A View – 1999 Walrus   [Noel Coward 1929]
Lou Rawls – Room With A View – 1989 Blue Note   [Billy Vera & Lowell Fulson 1988]
Julie London – A Room With A View – 1957 Liberty  [Einar Swan & Al Stillman 1938]
Louis Armstrong – A Kiss To Build A Dream On – 1951 Decca
Marvin Gaye – I’ll Be Doggone – 1965 Tamla
James Brown – A Cottage For Sale – 1968 King [LP: Thinking about Little Willie John]
James Brown – Sex Machine Pt.1 – 1975 Polydor
Larry Santos – Say Hello To Pan Am – 1980 (jingle)
Andrews Sisters – Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy – 1941 Decca
Orlons – South Street – 1963 Cameo
THURSDAY JUNE 6, 2024 3:31 AM CT…  Full show tonight at 10.  Attendance will be taken, and hopefully we’ll hear from Joanie about her daughter.  Please pray for Chrissie.  She’s had an awful systemic infection that has left her in a rehab hospital and in need of a liver transplant. On a happier note, we talked a lot about radio last night.  We also covered abuse of animals in lab testing, specifically  the mega fine given to the firm that abused tens of thousands of beagles.  4,000 were captured a couple years ago and all found good homes (including with Prince Harry and Meaghan). And we played several of your requests:
Chris Kenner – I Like It Like That – 1961 Instant
Lenny Welch – Since I Fell For You -1963 Cadence
Sam Cooke – Good Times – 1964 RCA
Frankie Ford – Time After Time – 1960 Ace
James Brown – Signed Sealed & Delivered – 1963 King
Cassius Clay – Stand By Me – 1964 Columbia
Miss Toni Fisher – The Big Hurt – 1959 Signet
Clyde McPhatter & The Drifters – Such A Night – 1954 Atlantic
Moody Blues – The Story In Your Eyes – 1971 Threshold
Sam Cooke – When A Boy Falls In Love – 1965 RCA
WEDNESDAY JUNE 5, 2024 3:31 AM CT..  Full show tonight starting at 10.  Your participation is welcome!  Last night ran the gamut.  We started with the bad news about the cicadas you can’t stop hearing (yes in Chicago they are louder right now, and there’s a good reason that only happens every 220 or so years.  We moved on to the delightfuol idea of living at the scene of gruesome murders, and explored using in appropriate bar codes.  Like a bag of Doritos to gain access to a fitness center (no it didn’t work).   We also played a lot of your requests:
James Brown – Get Up Offa That Thing – 1976 Polydor 
Sam Cooke – Wonderful World – 1960 Keen
Felix Figueroa & His Orchestra – Pico & Sepulveda – 1946 Ambassador 
James Brown – Hot Pants – 1971 People
Hound Dog Taylor – Give Me Back My Wig – 1971 Alligator [LP Cut: House Rockers]
Chi-Lites – Have You Seen Her – 1971 Brunswick
Boyz II Me – End Of The Road – 1992 Motown
Johnnie Taylor – Stop Doggin’ Me – 1972 Stax
TUESDAY JUNE 4, 2024 3:31 AM CT.. Full show tonight at 10.   We played Monday Night Trivia last night, and Don from Beloit got the first of the Bumper Stumpers, the Bumper Stumper theme, and the Straggler question, all in the first few minutes of his call. Talk about lack of restraint!   As for that Straggler:
Since the early 1800s it’s been legal for someone in France to wed this kind of spouse.  What kind of spouse? A dead one. (In 1803, Article 171 provided for marriage to dead people, a provision intended for war widows. Marrying the dead is legal in numerous countries including Germany, India, Japan, South Africa, South Korea and the Sudan, for similar reasons. In America, it’s generally not allowed, but there have been exceptions.)
Our follow up question remains unanswered and thus becomes next week’s Straggler.
The Bumper Stumpers theme was all the acts I played were on The Dick Clark Show this week, mostly American Bandstand (AB), but a few on The Saturday Night Beech-Nut Show (SN) on the years noted below:
Danny & The Juniors – Doin’ The Continental Walk – 1962 Swan AB 1958
Dee Dee Sharp – Willyam Willyam – 1964 Cameo AB 1962
Tony Orlando – Happy Times (Are Here To Stay) – 1961 Epic AB 1961
Orlons -  Envy (In Your Eyes) – 1965 Cameo AB 1962
Frankie Avalon – True True Love – 1961 Chancellor SN 1960
Jr. Walker & The All Stars – Right On Brothers and Sisters – 1971 Soul AB 1965
Bobby Lewis – What A Walk – 1961 Beltone AB 1961
Roy Orbison – Let The Good Times Roll – 1965 Monument AB 1966
Johnny Preston – Leave My Kitten Alone – 1961 Mercury SN 1960
Carl Dobkins Jr. – Exclusively Yours – 1960 Decca SN 1960
Stacey got Frankie Avalon, Tommy got Jr. Walker, and Don got Danny & The Juniors.  The rest went without guesses (though Jon knew Roy Orbison instantly, leading me to wonder why you didn't call).
MONDAY JUNE 3, 2024 10:05 PM CT...  Monday Night Trivia is about to start, and I'm dedicating the show to Bob in Memphis, who would have turned 70 today!  (He died on May 18th.)  His wife, Carolyn was kind enough to send a link to the video of his funeral. Click here to see it. (When you get toward the end, Carolyn is the white haired lady helped into the wheel chair.)
SUNDAY JUNE 2, 2024 10:50 PM CT... I'm finally getting around to recoding my websites, and at best it's a work in progress. I'll stay on it when time permits, but time doesn't permit much, so apologies in advance and please bear with me.   If you're looking for what was previously on this page, click here, but understand it's an outdated static image and eventually I'll remove it entirely.   I spent some time on the site this weekend to my utter frustration, but fortunately I spent more time picking out the Bumper Stumpers and some followup questions if you get the straggler tomorrow night at 10 CT on Monday Night Trivia